Friday, January 25, 2008

Venus of Willendorf

Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna


"The entirely preserved figurine made of fine limestone is 11 cm tall and shows a corpulent woman with stout hips, a voluminous belly and heavy breasts. A comparatively big head is put upon week shoulders. Thighs and shanks are formed naturally, but shortened. The arms are just outlined; the feet and the face are completely missing. On the inclined head is designed a complicated hairstyle made of parallel curls extending to the neck. Both wrists are decorated with ragged arm-rings. Originally the figurine was painted thickly with red colour. The so-called „Venus of Willendorf" was found on August 7th, 1908 during a systematic excavation in the ninth and highest layer of Site II in Willendorf."
Museum of Natural History, Vienna
Department of Prehistory


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